newport manor


In 1898 Dr. Winston Newport built Newport Manor.  This mansion became a showcase for the many wonders (and horrors) that he acquired in his world travels. A true eccentric, Dr. Newport used his home for experiments in mind control, teleportation, and dead tissue reanimation. For years local residents heard ghastly screams emanating from the property, earning the unofficial name of the “Chamber of Horrors”.

On October 31, 1922 a fire broke out in the west wing, killing many of the servants and family members.  Dr Newport disappeared and was never heard from again. The entire home was abandoned and remained vacant for many years.

Although attempts to remodel the home have been tried, a dark and evil presence seems to inhabit this building. Many tortured souls can be seen roaming the halls and it is rumored that Dr. Newport still conducts his hideous experiments within!

Due to location issues Newport Manor will not be open for the 2011 season.  Thank you for your support and be sure to check back in 2012 when we will return Bigger, Better and More Frightening than ever!

2009 award winner

2009 award winner